Understanding Naive Bayes in a nutshell

If we keep it simple😜, Thinking of a machine learning model which digest the numeric data very easily one may wonder what happens with the text data? How a model trains on a text data? …

Proving relevant features for your machine learning model

Many of us agree with me that human mind understand graphical representation way better than any numeric forms of data. That’s the place where graphs comes into the picture. Many ML developers uses heatmap in machine learning model. But do we actually…

I was having a peaceful day with me and my sharepoint until one day my boss came and told me he needed an angular application.

BOSS: I need an angular app.
ME: Ok. I need to have a platform where I can host that angular app.
BOSS: Well where have you been…

Aditya Srivastva

AL || Machine Learning || github.com/aaddiiSrivastva

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